Anyone who is age of majority and can provide identification can purchase cannabis products at any recreational cannabis retail outlet. However, there are several good reasons to have a prescription for cannabis. A prescription gives you access to many more products than you will find in the provincially regulated stores. The process for any licensed producer to list products with the provincial bodies limits the variety of products the LP can have available through that sales channel. As such, by having a prescription registered with a Medical LP, you will be able to access their full line of products. Also, by obtaining a prescription through a health care provider, you will have access to consultants and information to help you choose the right cannabis products for your needs. Products ordered through your registered LP will be shipped directly to your residence.

Each type of cannabis product has an equivalency to dried cannabis that has been determined by Health Canada. For example, a one gram vape cartridge is the equivalent of 4 grams of dried cannabis. The quantity on a prescription is issued based on the equivalency of dried cannabis. You can choose the product mix you want with each prescription fulfillment.

A prescription is issued based on a daily consumption equivalent. However, the maximum that can be purchased on any given order is 150 g of dried cannabis or equivalent. For example, if you had a prescription for 5 g of dried cannabis or equivalent per day, you could order your full amount in one order or place multiple orders over the course of that month. A prescription re-sets each month. If you choose not to order anything on a particular month, it will be open again the following month for the full monthly amount of the prescription.

Yes, you are allowed to posses up to 30 days of your prescription to a maximum of 150 g in addition to the 30 grams allowed for all Canadians at any given time. For example, if your prescription was for 2 grams or equivalent per day, you could have (60 g + 30 g) 90 grams in your possession as long as you have documents to show your prescription amount.

A cannabis prescription is the same as any other medication prescription. It is between you, your health care provider, and the cannabis dispensary. The Canadian Personal Information and Electronics Documents Act protects your medical records to ensure privacy.

Canveda Inc is a Health Canada licensed producer of medical cannabis, located in the heart of Kawartha Lakes cottage country. Our cannabis is locally grown in small batches, and hand curated at our facility in Peterborough, Ontario. Our grow staff take their inspiration from the beauty of the local lakes and rivers to produce a natural product free from pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. We specialize in heritage strains with well established genetics for consistent quality. Each batch is tested by a Health Canada certified laboratory to ensure purity and provide accurate THC, CBD, and terpene profiles.