• Canveda Inc, located in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes

Canveda is a dedicated craft grower that specializes in high quality, hand crafted products. Our philosophy is simple: grow unique strains, find the best phenotypes, grow using the best practices, dry and cure slowly and naturally and always continually improve.

Canveda Inc is a GMP certified facility with staff that bring years of experience from our growers to our scientists.

Our growers focus on finding the best genetics and maintaining ideal growing conditions that produce buds with high THC and excellent terpene profiles.

Our sanitation protocols are held to the highest standards and each batch of our products is tested at a third-party licensed laboratory to ensure they are free from mould, biological and chemical contaminants.

Attention to detail while growing cannabis is wasted if equal attention is not paid to the harvest, drying, and curing process. All our plants are carefully curated throughout the harvest and curing steps including a slow, natural air dry with the buds still on the stem. Buds are removed from the stems by hand and trimmed and packaged at precise moisture levels to maintain freshness and terpene profiles. Click here to add your own text