While most people are familiar with the traditional treatments for diabetes such as insulin and  preventative measures like diet and exercise, there is increasing interest in cannabis oil, or CBD, and the impact it can have on this debilitating disease.

Diabetes is often associated with a number of other serious and chronic health problems that can result in early death. For example, diabetics are three times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease, 12 times more likely to experience end stage kidney failure and 20 times more likely to have to endure a limb amputation.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are known to have a number of wide ranging health benefits for diabetics. CBD can reduce the pain often associated with neuropathy, pain caused by nerve inflammation as it activates various receptors. It can also help reduce some of the known arterial inflammation found in many diabetics. CBD oil has also been shown to reduce blood pressure over time. All of these benefits are important in helping reduce associated complications for someone with diabetes.