Where can I smoke cannabis in Canada? That’s one question that has been on many people’s minds since October 17th when cannabis became legal. While it’s now okay to light up, it still doesn’t mean anything goes.

Each province and territory is responsible for developing and setting its own policies with respect to the production, sale and use of both medical recreational, or adult-use, marijuana in public places. Many jurisdictions have indicated that smoking or vaping will be prohibited in the same places where tobacco is banned. Conversely, smoking or vaping in Ontario will be allowed wherever the smoking of tobacco is permitted, except for moving boats and vehicles.  

Certain provinces have also established rules around growing and smoking marijuana  in rental properties, enabling property owners and landlords to enforce and extend existing tenancy agreements that ban smoking to include medical and recreational cannabis, to designate properties as smoke-free and prohibit smoking in common areas.

Bottom line: if you’re looking to light up anywhere besides your privately owned residence, it’s best to look up the rules and regulations that apply in your area.