With increasing interest in medical marijuana, many consumers are wondering about cannabis oil and the health benefits of cannabis oil.

Simply put, cannabis oil is concentrated liquid extract derived from the marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa. Cannabis plants contain over 100 known cannabinoids, active compounds that are responsible for marijuana’s physical effects;  the two most people are familiar with are Cannabidiol, or CBD, and tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

There are many types of cannabis oils available, hence the many different names consumers may come across in their product research, including CBD oil, THC oil, marijuana oil and sometimes even Cannabis Sativa oil.

THC is the cannabinoid that creates a euphoric effect. Unlike THC,  CBD has no psychoactive effects. That means CBD oil products without THC will not make the user feel “high.”

Conversely, cannabis oils that contain both THC and CBD will provide more of an entourage effect as the two different cannabinoids enhance each other’s effects. The effects of each cannabis oil will depend on the levels of different cannabinoids included.

Believed to have many essential health benefits, cannabis oil also provides patients with more precise dosing and longer lasting effects that other methods of cannabis ingestion, such as smoking or vaping.  

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